The 27th Annual Field Parasitology Student Symposium

Cedar Point Biological Station

August 15, 2002

At the end of Field Parasitology, students present their independent projects as formal papers in a mock scientific meeting. This year the program was held in the downstairs lab, with Teaching Assistant Matt Bolek presiding.

The Program:

1. R. K. Bogenreif and B. L. Anderson. A comparison of water mite and gregarine infections in males and females of (Ischnura verticalis) at Dunwoody Pond.

2. H. Baumert. Wing spot size, sexual selection, and fitness components in relationship to parasitic infection in the rubyspot damselfly Hetaerina americana.

3. S. Schupbach. Relationship between parasitism and foraging distance in the damselfly Enallagma carunculatum.

4. S. Schwank. Examination of three Eleodes species and the possible relationship between cyst shedding and total gregarine biomass.

5. A. Berlowitz and R. Rosenthal. Parasite diversity among Physa sp. sampled at six different locations.

6. R. Flegel. The effects of Chaetogaster limnaei on the heart rate of Gyraulus parvus in Dunwoody Pond, Keith County, Nebraska.

7. B. R. Stoaks and N. S. Westerkamp. The effect of time on cercarial shedding (Haematoloechus longiplexus, H. complexus in snails (Gyraulus parvus and Physa sp.).

8. D. Sorenson and A. Haith. Species diversity of monogenes in shiner minnow species of the South Platte River.

9. J. Steuter and R. Engelbart. Parasites as ecological monitors: the relationships between Posthodiplostomum mininum and Fundulus zebrinus.

10. E. A. Rolfsmeyer and E. Wangsness. The crowding effect of Salsuginus thalkeni observed on the gills of Fundulus zebrinus


The Field Parasitology course if very grateful for the support of the following individuals and agencies:

Duane Dunwoody, Keystone, NE

Randy Peterson, Paxton, NE

Lee Sillasen, Paxton, NE

Charles Thalken, Roscoe, NE

Tom McGinley, Keystone, NE

Haythorn Land and Cattle Company, Arthur, NE

Bill Breen (Breen's Flyway), Denver, CO

Summer Sessions, UNL, Lincoln, NE

Cedar Point Biological Station, Ogallala, NE

Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District, Holdrege, NE


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